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About killifish

Chromaphyosemion Splendopleur Tiki

What is a killifish?

Killifish are a group of egg-laying tropical fish belonging to the cyprinodontae (tooth carp) family.  Many have as brilliant and intricate coloration, along with beautiful fins, as saltwater tropical fish; but a far less expensive and easier to keep and maintain in the aquarium hobby.

Photo is Chromaphysemion Splendopleur tiki

Fundulopanchax Gardneri

Where Do They Come From?

Killifish in the aquarium hobby, most of the beautifully colorful tropical fish, come from African and South America.

Photo is Fundulopanchax Gardneri Misaje'

An excellent beginner killifish!

Aphyosemion Australe - Orange

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