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Since 1995, Aquarium-Club.org has been a reliable source of information, tropical fish, and aquarium supplies.  If you wish to learn more about Aquarium-Club.org, please click on the button below.  We hope after you learn more about us, you will be eager to join as a member!

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Our History

Since 1995 Aquarium-Club.org has been the #1 reliable source of information, quality tropical fish, and recommended aquarium products.

Founded by Will Griffin, Ed.D, Will brings over fifty-eight (58) years of experience in the aquarium hobby with tropical fish of every description.

Since then we have added members who also have decades worth of experience, breeders with high-quality and healthy fish, and we know the best products to insure your success in the aquarium hobby.

Why Join Aquarium-Club.org?

Aquarium-Club.org has long tested the reliable aquarium supply products, we have access to some of the most outstanding and knowledgeable tropical fish breeders in the world, we only permit high quality tropical fish and aquarium supplies to be promoted and sold through us.

Cost-effectiveness of an Aquarium-Club.org Membership.

A membership in Aquarium-Club.org brings you the best products and at the best prices.  The quality of these products, tropical fish and live plants is unmatched.  A membership in Aquarium-Club.org pays for itself in purchase savings and in the reduction of lost fish through disease and/or lack of information.


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