Why Our Requirements

 With the HUGE volume of visitor traffic we receive through our forty-four (44) top level websites, there is no such thing as a little problem.

Therefore, we require the information below and the following:

1. After completing the form below, you must be already a breeder member of Aquarium-Club.org or join as a breeder-member.  Contact us at  membership@aquarium-club.org for details and potentials for exemption of the $49.95/yr. annual breeder-membership Fee.

2.  You must send us sample fish two (2) pairs/trios for domestic USA breeders and five (5) pairs/trios for International breeders), for each species or strain of tropical fish you sell through us to insure quality and that you indeed have these fish.  We use these fish for two (3) reasons: 

     A.  To make sure of the quality and health of the fish;

     B.  To have replacement fish available, should a customer receive a DOA order; and

     C.  To have fish to place in nursing homes and other residential facilities in our Fund A Fish program.

3.  For special arrangements and considerations, please write membership@aquarium-club.org  

4.  While we provide FREE memberships, including Breeder-Memberships, to those who are existing AKA members, we regret we have found why this no longer can be an automatic process.


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